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EdiyPorn is a deviant porn platform collectively built by restless minds and bodies. Our production seeks to reinvent and refresh sexual imaginaries: representations in traditional porn do not satisfy, neither represent us. We work through our desires, investigating our bodies and sharing our horniness. We seek for more, we want other ways of creating and consuming porn. And we want to bring a new squirt of pleasures to your screen.

Jeffe G.


Jeffe works with audiovisual production and art, investigating contemporary meanings in pornography, exploring a poetic universe guided by gender and sexuality studies. Since 2019, he has been part of the collective responsible for the EdiyPorn. .



Non-binary fag, whore, pornografer, performer, positHIVe and hacker of imaginaires. Criticizing the devices of power, their production seeks to explore the various languages ​​of political bitching. Produces, performs and edits. Founding member of EDIYPORN.



Graphic designer and illustrator. She has developed several works that aim at the inclusion and creative stimulation of marginalized groups, mainly from the LGBTQIA+ community and women. Creative and branding director at EDIYPORN.



Visual anthropologist, multimedia artist, social media and digital language worker. She studies and produces visual narratives linking women's daily life with the world of horror and disseminates art and technology projects in digital media.

Director of media and digital marketing at EDIYPORN.



Hiperlinque is an audiovisual and body artist, working with dance, performance, cinematography and editing. Hiperlinque does not know how to work alone, he always seeks a group. He lives a pet life under the name Faíska and is a member of Banda Fisiologica, a dystopian punk band.

At EDIYPORN he produces, films, edits and performs.

Luiza Tormenta


Actress, model, dancer, performer and educator. Graduated in performance arts, she makes her path as an art educator of sexuality. She seeks to discover the sexual poetics of each body. Her research spans the vastness of desire – from bdsm to tantra, from Reich to Betty Martin.

At EDIYPORN he produces, films, edits and performs. 



A dyke from São Paulo, she ties, performs and teaches. Doesn't know if she's an artist but she's enjoying this ride.

Wand Albuquerque


A travesty from Maranhão holding a master's degree in bitching. A performer, a circus artist and a researcher of contemporary dance from popular bases, roots and memories.

Dandy del Sur


A multi-artist, cat, rigger and shibari model. They hunger for the desires aroused by pain, movement and restriction.



Non-binary, born and raised in the interior of Bahia, She is a multimedia artist focused on performance and a researcher of oral pleasures.

Sladká Meduza


Sladká Sladká Meduza is a filmmaker, making authorial videos using the audiovisual and performance as tools to build and rebuild a body. Embracing realistic fiction and documentary sci-fi to ironize the present time as an end to an era that never really was, considering the montage of arts has as main method an object of null consumption.

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